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Contact person: Layne Li
Phone: +86-0768-5912552
Chaozhou Wanshunfa Food Company Limited, established in 1998, is an excellent private enterprise with the rapid development, focusing on the production and development of chocolate and chocolate products for 20 years and having a good reputation on these products.
Wanshunfa Food Company Limited has already established a chocolate product industry chain which incorporates production, processing, development and marketing,which produces more than 50 kinds of chocolate and chocolate products. Nowadays, the company has gradually developed towards the direction where production turns to be scalable, intensified, scientific and innovative. On the one hand, this company follows traditional craftsmanship of chocolates and chocolate products, mixing modern technologies and work flows. On the other, the company observes global food culture, which makes traditional food stand out. Hence,our company and products are both well praised in this industry
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